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New Schools
From $600 


Having your children feel connected and happy with a relocation is probably one of the most essential boxes to tick in your relocation. We have a a range of services that can help in making that transition as easy as possible for them, and taking the load from you as well. 


With many years spent working in educational administration as well as being part of the South Australian school system with my own children.  I have extensive knowledge of the best schools in each area of Adelaide based on a range of different criteria and the processes involved in securing places and interviews. 

Our new school package covers thing like:

  • Researching schools based on your child's personality, academic ability and interests

  • ​Locality - does it need to be near your new home, parental employment or public transport links

  • Assisting with application, organising interviews at the Schools 

  • Assisting with purchasing uniforms, help in ordering books and stationery

  • Researching extra curricular activities - music tutors, language tutors, sporting clubs. 


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